Ditech’s PhoneTag Voice-to-Text solution converts any audio file into text. Voicemail, phone calls, and more can be delivered via various interfaces such as API, Email, or SMS.

The Phonetag Voice-to-Text solution is available in multiple languages and is available either as a Ditech-hosted cloud service or as an on-premises device.

Voice Quality Assurance

Simply put, Ditech Networks’ Voice Quality Assurance solutions (VQA™) make telephone calls sound better; in fact, significantly better – on any call, any network, anywhere, anytime.

Why is this important? Enabling clear, impairment-free calls makes communicating more efficient and productive. Whether in a car, a noisy restaurant, a conference bridge, or on an important business call, people want to be able to communicate without the thought of throwing their phone out the window entering their mind.