About Ditech Networks, Inc.

Ditech Networks is a leader in delivering voice solutions to the world. For over 15 years we’ve been experts in voice processing technology. Our solutions are deployed in wireline, mobile and VoIP carrier networks around the world, processing literally hundreds of millions of calls a day. Ditech solutions deliver tangible business benefits with the reliability, robustness and scalability service provider’s demand.

Ditech provides solutions for voice quality, ensuring that service provider’s core revenue generator, voice, is delivered with the highest quality while maintaining cost control. We also provide voice applications, which enable carriers to create value for subscribers from web and social networking applications that can be monetized.

Voice Quality Solutions

Ditech Networks is a leader in delivering voice quality to the world’s telecommunications service providers. Our voice quality solutions enable carriers to deliver consistent, high quality voice to their customers while at the same time minimizing infrastructure investment for capacity, improving the carriers business by reducing churn and minimizing capital expenditure.

Ditech Networks solutions are deployed in wireline, wireless and VoIP networks to measure, analyze and optimize voice service on each and every call. We deliver reliable products that are deployed on high-performance platforms that are purpose-built for TDM and IP networks.

These solutions perform critical functions in managing the business of voice. Our Experience Intelligence technology has the industry’s only technology that measures live subscriber calls to detect voice impairments that originate both inside and outside of the carrier network. Experience Intelligence derives a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) value that reflects the total call experience, not just the effect of network infrastructure on voice quality.

Ditech’s Voice Quality Assurance solution solves voice quality problems that occur both inside and outside of the network. These problems, called impairments, are mitigated in real-time for both ends of the call. Ditech is the only company worldwide that can simultaneously mitigate the six most widely occurring impairments on mobile and VoIP calls. Eliminating or reducing these impairments can cost-effectively increase the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) to a level that favorably impacts churn, revenue and customer satisfaction.

For IP networks, Ditech delivers high-efficiency, high-density transcoding on our Packet Voice Processorâ„¢ (PVP) platform. The PVP supports an industry leading variety of codecs. The EVP offers Ditech’s voice quality algorithms that run on certified off-the-shelf hardware.

Ditech’s voice quality solutions are deployed in TDM networks on Ditech’s Broadband Voice Processor or Quad Voice Processor platforms. Each of these high-density, high-performance platforms is that are widely deployed worldwide.

We deliver the industry’s most comprehensive suite of voice quality products and platforms, which gives our customers an unprecedented triple play: voice quality up, network capacity up, and cost down.


Ditech’s PhoneTag Voice-to-Text (V2T) solution provides the industry’s leading carrier-grade V2T solution. The solution offers a spectrum of service options ranging from fully automated service, to hybrid service, to fully manual service. With the ease of hosted or on-premises deployment options, carriers can leverage PhoneTag V2T solution to quickly offer value added services and enterprises can make their voicemail and conferencing more efficient.

Some of our Customers

Leveraging over 15 years of deployments with communications providers around the world, Ditech offers unique, effective products and services that put the subscriber’s experience first, assisting carriers with revenue generation, service differentiation, network expansion and call capacity. Ditech’s customers include Verizon, Sprint/Nextel, Orascom Telecom, AT&T, China Unicom, Global Crossing and West Corporation. Ditech Networks is headquartered in San Jose, California.

Quality and Environmental Policy

Ditech Networks’ comprehensive approach to quality underscores our dedication to product and service excellence, customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. read more