Voice Quality Assurance

Voice is the universal communications medium. Wouldn’t it be great if it was always clear, concise, and precise? At Ditech Networks, that is our mission. We are widely recognized for our unparalleled expertise and innovation in voice communications and our dedication to customer satisfaction. If voice is important to you, read on…

Ditech has maintained leadership in the voice quality enhancement market by continually adapting to new communications technologies. Our algorithms process millions of calls per day in wireless, VoIP, TDM, and conferencing applications.

Over the years, Ditech has developed a suite of algorithms that dynamically adapt to changing call conditions and improve the overall voice quality and clarity. Our solutions provide noise reduction, enhanced voice intelligibility, voice level control, and echo control, and measure call characteristics non-intrusively on every call in real time. Our solutions ensure a consistent and clear communications experience for both ends of every call, for all call types on any network.

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